Image processing with OpenCV and PyQT using Python

This is an image processing project developed using OpenCV and PyQt using the Python programming language. It allows you to do image and video (from video files like mp4, avi, etc., or live from webcam) processing tasks like – find edges (Canny, Sobel and Laplacian), find corners (Harris corner detection), adjust brightness, contrast, erosion, dilation, Gaussian and median blur, color blob detection, rotation, resizing, translation, etc.

You need to have Python, OpenCV and PyQt installed and working. You may also want to download Qt Designer if you intend to change the design of the UI. You will need matplotlib if want to view the DFT graph.

Download the project source files here.

The are three files inside the zipped folder –, and simple.ui. Unzip them into a folder. In a Windows PC, you can start running the project by double-clicking the file. In a Linux PC, you need to go to the directory where these files are unzipped in a terminal using the cd command, then run –