Hotel Management Software using Qt, C++ and SQLite

Using the application:

Follow the steps one-by-one and you are good to go. Remember these are just suggested methods. You can use it in any order – it won’t matter.

  • Add room categories first. Examples of categories are AC Single, AC Double, etc.
  • Add room numbers to categories. The room numbers have to be integers. Use positive integers like a hotel should.
  • Once the room categories and room numbers are set, you are ready to check-in guests into an empty room. You won’t be able to delete that room or the room category to which the guest is checked in until he/she checks out.
  • You won’t be able to delete that room or the room category in which guests are currently checked in.
  • You can’t check in other guests while the rooms are occupied.
  • Add items to the restaurant menu, if applicable.
  • If any checked in guest orders something, you can add the item’s bill to the guest’s account.
  • If the guest orders an item from the restaurant, add it by selecting ‘Add Restaurant Orders’.
  • You can add any miscellaneous order by selecting ‘Add Other Orders’
  • You can check any checked in guest’s billing details by going to ‘Active Billing’.
  • You can also add payments made by the guest by selecting add-payment.
  • You can check-out any guest by going to ‘Guest Check-out’.
  • The guest can be checked out if all his payments are made.
  • You view total bill and balance in the check-out form itself.
  • You can also clear any pending payment, if applicable, and then check-out the guest.
  • Once the guest checks out, the room becomes available for further check-in.
  • You can add, remove, update rooms, room categories, restaurant menu at any time.

How to install:

This application is built using C++ and SQLite within the Qt platform. If you want to read or modify the source code, you should know a little bit about C++ and SQL in general. You should also read this wiki page on the Qt site.

Download source code here.

To compile the source code, go to the directory where the source code is downloaded. Enter the following commands one-by-one

qt4-qmake -project

To run the application –

innovative (on Windows)
./innovative (on Linux)
open (on Mac)