Course Overview

Hardware Experiment I: Bluetooth-controlled smart street light

  • Arduino Uno (X1)
  • Breadboard Large (X1)
  • LEDs (X4) [Preferably R,G,Y,W]
  • RGB LED (X5)
  • PIC Motion Sensor (X1)
  • DHT-11 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor (X1)
  • MQ 135 Air Quality Detector Sensor Module (X1)
  • Veroboard (X3)
  • Digital Multimeter (X1)
  • Hookup Wires (X1)
  • Jumpers (X(20mm+20ff+20mf))
  • Soldering Equipments (Iron, Soldering Wire, Flux, Paste, etc.) (X1)
  • DC Male and Female Jack (X1)
  • Resistors pack (X1)

Hardware Experiment II: Breadboard on Arduino

  • ATMEGA328P-PU (X1) [preferably, with Arduino Uno bootloader]
  • 7805 IC (X1)
  • 10uF Capacitor (X2)
  • 100nF Capacitor (X2)
  • 100 ohm Resistor (X2)
  • 10K ohm Resistor (X1)
  • Button (momentary) (X1)
  • 3mm Red Led (X2)
  • 9V Battery (X1)
  • 16Mhz Crystal Oscillator (X1)
  • 22pF Capacitor (X2)
  • 28 Pin IC Base (X1)

Hardware Experiment IV: Motors and tracking camera

  • BO Motors (X2)
  • Servo Motor (X2)
  • Pan-tilt kit (X1)
  • Web-camera (X1)

Hardware Experiment V: Wifi controlled Mobile robots

  • ESP8066 NodeMCU (X1)
  • L293D IC (X1)
  • DC battery (X1)
  • Castor wheel (X1)
  • Chassis (X1)

Hardware Experiment VI: Wifi controlled home-automation

  • ESP8066 NodeMCU (X1)
  • 2 Channel Relay Module – 5V (X1)
  • AC-to-DC converter (X1)
  • Light bulb (X1)
  • 3-pin Socket (X1)
  • Switch Board (X1)

Hardware Experiment VIII: Create PCB for your project

Software Experiment I: Print an Arduino shield using Fritzing

Software Experiment II: Print Arduino on a PCB using Fritzing

Software Experiment III: Read and write data from PC to Arduino using Python

Software Experiment IV: Detect, and track objects (ball & face) using OpenCV and Python

Software Experiment V: Print PCB for exp. V

Software Experiment VI: Print PCB for exp. VI

Software Experiment VII: Robot Operating System